About Us

I’ve been in the electrical industry for 30 years, having worked up from an apprentice to an Electrician, then Office Manager, Qualifying Supervisor and Principal Duty Holder.

I now run my own Electrical contracting business and registered with the NICEIC as an Approved Contractor. Mainly working in the Domestic & Commercial sector, I’ve been involved in issuing certificates and documents on a daily basis.

The idea from the outset with CertOn was to be able to find documents at a location, instantly.

Numerous times I’ve asked Homeowners or Staff in commercial properties if any documents were issued when they had electrical works installed?

The results were surprising that some people did get a certificate, but didn’t know where it was or they had received one, and it was on an email somewhere, or in a box, in a cupboard. Some didn’t even know if they ever received a certificate at all?!

It was very helpful if the correct documentation was available when undertaking certain electrical works, and found it comforting when I could reference circuit readings with previous certificates or reports, or just to know exactly what was installed on what circuit.

I saw an opportunity to use technology with QR Codes and smart devices to ‘Link’ a certificate or document to a property, with helping Homeowners and Trades people knowing where to find the important documents, easily in one place.

I bought the idea to Twin Technology & Cyber, who have helped make this into a solution for Homeowners & Installers, by designing the App and Web Portal.