Mobile App

Download our companion CertOn App to manage your account, properties and documents from your smart phone or tablet.

This is where the simple use of QR Codes can save you time and money bringing any document into view instantly.

Companies or ‘Installers’ can use the App to link new Properties to CertOn and upload documents you issue to the ‘Homeowner’ or property manager (Account Holder) for viewing by all who are registered on CertOn.

An email authentication will be sent to the Account Holder if the ‘Property’ is not registered to you – and you try to access documents via the unique QR Code stored on CertOn.

The Account Holder can then give timed access to ‘Installers’ to the documents stored – 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year or infinity.

Download the App from the iOS (Apple) or Android (Google Play) App stores.