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Who does it benefit?

CertOn is a benefit to Homeowners, tenants and anyone in the property industry including Electrical Contractors, Gas fitters, Developers, Housing associations, Estate/Letting agents and Landlords. It gives you the peace of mind that all your important documents and certificates are safely held and instantly available when you need them.

Easy Set-Up

Download the App, install the QR code & Link your property

Secure Environment

Safely stored in the Cloud

Accessible & Compliant

Easy to view your previously signed off documents

How Does it Work

Using QR code stickers placed in prominent locations inside a property, all previously uploaded documents to CertOn are easily retrievable by scanning the QR code sticker with your smart device, bringing the documents into view.

Once the finalized PDF or jpeg documents are uploaded and have been ‘Linked’ to the QR code, they are ready to be viewed by anyone registered to use the system.

Good to know

In many instances there is a legal requirement to maintain documentation as proof of compliance. For homeowners who wish to sell their property, it can be vital to have certification as proof all work has been carried out to a satisfactory standard.

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